(Image Courtesy of Guido from IDW)

Millions of years ago, during the wars on Cybertron, many Autobots fled the planet to escape the conflict. One such group was a collection of diminutive Transformers, led by the robot called Cerebros (, who eventually settled on the planet Master. However, Master proved to be a world of harsh environment, and so, in order to survive, the small Transformers constructed larger, lifeless bodies called Transtectors, and modified their forms so that they could transform into heads, in order to attach to and control the Transtectors. Chromedome, Brainstorm, Hardhead, Highbrow, Weirdwolf, Mindwipe, and Skullcruncher underwent this process, but soon the latter three turned to the side of evil under the leadership of Zarak, who made contact with Galvatron on the planet Char, and joined with him in his renewed attack on Cybertron in 2007.

Now the Autobots must join forces with Cerebros headmasters team lead by Rodimus Prime and stop the Decepticon Headmasters from helping Galvatron take over the galaxy and destroy Cybertron.

Originally a joint project between Fyrespawn and G.J. Adaptations with Dark Heroes Entertainment has now become one soul entity in the US Viewership called Nemesis Matrix Productions. N.M.P. will strictly be the release name for all future Transformers Headmasters release. We now have a youtube channel which can be found here.


1)Enter the Headmasters

2) Search for the Matrix

3) Legacy of Prime

4) Sound Ops

5) Rebelion on Animatros

6) Doomsday Meteor