TEKKAMAN BLADE


In the future, space travel into the deep reaches of the stars became possible with the combined wordly effort of the Orbital Ring system.
But just as humanities light began to expand into the dark depths of space, an alien menance known as the Radam, invaded the planet, taking over the orbital ring and destroying much of the population.
The only thing to save humanity is a rag tag team of explorers known as the Space Knights and their comrade, an unknown man calling himself Tekkaman Blade.


The original idea was formed back in 2004 with a previous Dark Heroes actor named Viro and I who obsessed over Tekkaman which was known as Teknoman in the states.

We wanted to bring out a more authentic and uncut variation of the series since it was basically butchered by Saban in the early 90's much like many anime that had come into the states between the 80's and 90's, some even to this day.

We had managed to complete 2 episodes and 2 OVA's and a few clips here and there.
But the series was meant for failure, even with a recasting, the number of Voice Actors just wasn't enough to get the show in gear without alot of the VA's sounding similar to eachother in different roles.

The only thing left on the net now is an Episode 48 clip, and Twin Blood, an OVA done as a remake of Episode 13.