Shocked, Shin discovers Sara's special ability which is almost discovered by Dr. Turner and Edgar as they explore the ruins of Mayan.
While still on duty, Mao takes Shin to her secret spot underwater where another secret is revealed, only this time, it's something the UN and Anti-UN Forces are interested in finding.
Shortly after, Ivanov and the Anti-UN fleet split off and begin their big assault to steal the Bird Human remains stored inside the Asuka while the large portion of UN forces are being decoyed by attacks on Mayan Island.

Can Shin and Edgar make it in time to help Roy and his squadron? Or will something unspeakable unfold during the attacks?


NEWS 12/1/08:

Currently in the first draft scripting stages.  Due to lack of time with her new family, Alison Rose will not be rejoining her role at this time as Sara Gnome.
The projects goal is to have Episode 3 done by the late Spring or early summer of 09, but don't count your chickens before they hatch.