50 years have passed since Space War One, man kind has traveled the great expansion of the universe, colonizing worlds and shared their culture with other civilizations.

The 25th long distance emigration fleet known as Macross Frontier makes its way to the galactic core, attempting to find a world for itself when suddenly it is attacked by a mysterious insect like alien armada known as the Vajra.
Alto Saotome, a pilot cadet from the Mihoshi Academy for the gifted, becomes the latest member of a Strategic Military Service (SMS) organization whose goal is to protect Frontier and use the latest Valkyrie fighter, the VF-25 Messiah to battle the Vajra.
But there's more than what is seen after Alto becomes friends with his squad leader's little sister, Ranka Lee who is aspiring to become a popular idol like her dream, Sheryl Nome, one of the most popular idols next to Lynn Minmay and Nekki Basara.  Ranka has a dark and horrifying past that she has forgotten, buried deep in the reaches of her mind and only contact with the Vajra is beginning to awaken her lost memories.

Green light on Episode 2 Hard Chase again, I've picked a new Ranka Lee, and I'm currently working on getting a new Alto to replace Rashinban until further notice perhaps.
I'm up to episode 5 of scripting and half way done and I've got Episode 6 downloaded and working on Episode 7. My goal is still to finish this series in some way, even if it's releasing a group every few months. I'm sure most of the cast would be up for that.

EPISODE ONE: Fan Deculture!/Close Encounter



EPISODE FOUR: Miss Macross (coming soon)

EPISODE FIVE: Star Date (coming soon)