Welcome to Dark Heroes Entertainment. We specialize on working on entertainment from the foreign and domestic market in the English Language as they would of meant to be seen to the American public.
We are a fan group and hold no legal rights to any of these products or projects and could be forced to bring these down at any given time when the right holders ask us too.
Until then, please enjoy what we have to offer, and help us build into a fantastic and infamous group over the internet. - Sincerely, Hikuro Owner and Operator of DHE.

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Oh wow have I not updated in a long time or what?! Sorry guys for all the issues...lately our original Youtube account has gone to hell, but with some luck we may be able to bring it back. Right now Transformers is being distributed under the new strictly Transformers related channel; Nemesis Matrix Productions which is still us and we've had a lot of updates!

2010 was a hellish year for the group as our releases were very few and far between due to personal issues, namely the loss of our account due to copyright infringement by Bandai INC. Of course we acknowledge this right but also argue that anime is a source for everyones viewing pleasure and we encourge others to buy the real product and not be going around downloading our stuff and burning it to DVD and selling out in the market.
So if you see any of our stuff out there that isn't Dark Heroes or Nemesis Matrix stamped DO NOT BUY AND REPORT! Seriously, we don't make money on our stuff so why should anyone else?
The question was brought up several times in the last few months on when we'll release DVD's for retail and I continue to say, "Never going to happen! Enjoy it for what it is or go without!" Harsh words I know but the truth. I'd love to sell my work, make a buck, but it isn't right.

Also to help ring in the new year, we're starting out projects that have finally made their swing onto DVD. With the success of Episodes 1 and 2 of Macross Frontier, the decision was made that while it'll be next to impossible to do the entire 25 episode series, we will instead be doing the Frontier triology starting with Movie One. The project is being investigated and scripting will begin soon with an all star cast giving it their all and hopefully we'll have a summer or winter 2011 release which I think will mark our third anniversary of Macross DYRL fandub.

Hopefully over time I'll also overhaul this website and get things running smoothly again, bit by bit. So if something doesn't work, sorry, just keep lurking it'll eventually get up.


HAPPY 2011!!!!







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